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Dear all, I would like to share the idea of Kanakabhisheka (The tradition which is said comes only once in 4 generations) It is a ritual performed from the blessings of all elder persons in the family where great granny / great grandpa get a chance to see their 4th generation boy baby. In particular the baby has to first son’s son baby.

It is a very rare opportunity to be blessed to perform this. It was our great pleasure to have Ishaan in our family and we performed Kanakabhisheka for his great granny 🙂 Here are few pics for your reference. It is that the water stored in all the kalash has to be passed from head of the family (granny) to be fallen on the great grand son :)On top of her head in a plate lie 108 gold flowers. This will be later distributed to all other family and friends who will be a part of this event. Lot of pooja(s) are performed and are blessed for the future. It is very auspicious for the family and friends to be a part of this rare occasion.