Children’s Day 2017


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Children’s Day2017 special was an awesome day to remember. Ishaan was happy with many compliments for his colour dress at school. In excitiment he did not change his  dress 😉 Every year November 14th is celebrated across India as Children’s Day on our First Prime Minister of India’s – Chacha Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday. Continue reading


Sudha Murthy – an acclaimed philonthropist celebrated story teller full of wit and energy.


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Sudha Murthy, is the chair person of Infosys Foundation, member of the public health care initiatives at the Gates Foundation an acclaimed philonthropist celebrated story teller full of wit and energy. She catches our attention every way. She is a simple loving mother 🙂 Sudha Murthy – an acclaimed philonthropist celebrated story teller full of wit and energy. Continue reading

Stop Comparing Kids. Let them be Competitive.


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Kids are always receiving informations. They observe every move of yours and others around them. Stop comparing your kid to others in any aspect. Instead help them build their knowledge and teach them How they can lead life happily? What they should do when in a problem? How they can be safe in this society? Let them build a competitive culture to break down their own records in every good aspects. Continue reading

An Indian Tradition of Dolls – a festival for kids


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Dasara is a 10 day festival celebrated in India and around the world. It is dedicated for all the devi(s) or Goddesses Durga and Saraswathi. Days include Saraswathi pooja – a dedication for all the materials we use for educating us (Books, stationary, etc). Durga Pooja – a dedication for her brave victory over the buffalo demon to help restore Dharma. Vijayadashami – a day dedicated to perform pooja for all the instruments or machines we use at home or office. Few people celebrate by making a statue of Ravana and burning him as killing the evil.

The festival played a historical role in the 14th-century Vijayanagara Empire, where it was called Mahanavami. The city of Mysore has traditionally been a major center of Dasara-Vijayadashami celebrations in India.

People keep dolls for displaying in 7 steps. All kids are invited to watch the display and listen to the story behind every sequence displayed. Most traditional and heritage of these are come along a long way…

Here are few photos displayed at Ishaan School.

A visit to Ishaan’s school friend was also awesome!


Making of a Clay Doll Workshop for Dasara


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Last weekend we had enrolled Ishaan for making of a Clay Doll workshop. It was a huge crowd and lot of kids participated. He enjoyed too and we could know how he behaved with kids not from his school. He had new friends. We had a great time. A clay Doll workshop for Dasara was an experience to remember 🙂 Continue reading