An Indian Tradition of Dolls – a festival for kids


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Dasara is a 10 day festival celebrated in India and around the world. It is dedicated for all the devi(s) or Goddesses Durga and Saraswathi. Days include Saraswathi pooja – a dedication for all the materials we use for educating us (Books, stationary, etc). Durga Pooja – a dedication for her brave victory over the buffalo demon to help restore Dharma. Vijayadashami – a day dedicated to perform pooja for all the instruments or machines we use at home or office. Few people celebrate by making a statue of Ravana and burning him as killing the evil.

The festival played a historical role in the 14th-century Vijayanagara Empire, where it was called Mahanavami. The city of Mysore has traditionally been a major center of Dasara-Vijayadashami celebrations in India.

People keep dolls for displaying in 7 steps. All kids are invited to watch the display and listen to the story behind every sequence displayed. Most traditional and heritage of these are come along a long way…

Here are few photos displayed at Ishaan School.

A visit to Ishaan’s school friend was also awesome!



Making of a Clay Doll Workshop for Dasara


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Last weekend we had enrolled Ishaan for making of a Clay Doll workshop. It was a huge crowd and lot of kids participated. He enjoyed too and we could know how he behaved with kids not from his school. He had new friends. We had a great time. A clay Doll workshop for Dasara was an experience to remember 🙂 Continue reading

A holiday is a fun day!


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A holiday inbetween a week is an awesome day for me and Ishaan. We plan and enjoy every bit of it. At least take a good nap if not in a mood to do anything. It can be enjoying rain, prepare a meal, share work or clean our room. Every bit is so lovely 🙂 An extra holiday s like an extra toppings on our ice cream 😉 Last holiday Ishaan tried to make a face with ketchup and it looks like this

Mickey Mouse Dose