Search Word Puzzle as a Game


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Search Word Puzzle as a game brings interest in words. Ishaan is in 1st grade now. Every day is a challenge for me to teach new words and new things for him. He is often bored if I repeat the games or learning. Continue reading


Being Mother – Give back Life for a better Society


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Life is so beautiful, absolutely the way we think! More good memories in life make a fulfilled life. Every decision we make teaches us lessons consciously or unconsciously. The days just past. But how much of it is helping our kids? Are they able to handle the world? Are they bullied? Are they safe to protect themselves? Being mothers why can’t we give back life for a better society? It will save our kids. Continue reading

Crayon fun when you don’t want to colour with it :)


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Hello, summer is here. Ishaan and his friends have holidays. Every day is a task to plan for the day. I know its hard for most of the mothers. We run out of ideas and kids get bored at home. It’s too hot to send them out in the hot summer. We had an idea of using crayons without using them for coloring. Here is what we did 🙂 Continue reading

Tips to perform StoryTelling better


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Hello all, we all love StoryTelling. But yes, don’t know much about it. Growing older with our kids we tend to start a lot of things together with them. It is fun when we share any activity with them. Here I have a few tips to perform StoryTelling better. Continue reading