Fancy Dress Fun


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Last month, in Ishaan school there was literary activities like singing, fancy dress and story telling competitions. It is a good exposure for all kids to participate. They can overcome their stage appearance and speak badly in front of so many friends. It was an overall awesome experience for both of us 🙂 We enjoyed it. Fancy Dress was more fun! Continue reading

Mental Peace with growing naughtiness


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As Ishaan is growing, he is becoming naughtier. It is sometimes irritating when he repeats to do things which he is not suppose to do. He does it more intentionally  when said “No”. To avoid this word we have to keep them busy all the time what they like. Their naughtiness changes every second so as the task. To maintain mental peace with this naughtiness is difficult. Continue reading

Baby Car Seat is a must


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Back in India, we have not bought a car seat for Ishaan. Ishaan has lost the interest of sitting alone in the car 😦 Car seat is such a useful thing to buy if you own a car. In India, we carry more people in a 5 seater car. We usually ignore the baby and make them sit on our lap. This is the worst thing what anyone can do or follow. Baby car seat is a must. Continue reading

Learning Games when Travelling


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Last week we went travelling for 5 days. While travelling we had fun playing the game. We can engage more than 2 people. Each person takes a turn to say an alphabet or numbers. It repeats after the last letter. This increases the memory power. It learn them to wait for their turn 🙂 It is useful for Pre-schoolers.

Person 1 – A          Person 1 – 1          Person 1 – 10
Person 2 – B         Person 2 – 2         Person 2 – 20
Person 1 – C…      Person 1 – 3…      Person 1 – 30…

Have fun 🙂

Art in New Mediums with kids


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Hello all, recently I went out of stock of white sheets which we give for drawing or writing to Ishaan. We could not get it for nearly one week. But then Ishaan was so frustrated for sheets he took an invitation and painted on them with poster colours. The outcome was awesome. So I had a thought, why a plain sheet always? Invitation was made of handmade sheet 🙂 Doing art in new mediums with kids is fun!

painting on Handmade sheet painting on Handmade sheet

Art on Handmade sheet