How to choose Baby Bags?


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Dear mother’s, baby bags have become very essential now a days. Even I used it so much till I carried good numbers of diapers in them. My thought on using baby bags… Continue reading


A holiday is a fun day!


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A holiday inbetween a week is an awesome day for me and Ishaan. We plan and enjoy every bit of it. At least take a good nap if not in a mood to do anything. It can be enjoying rain, prepare a meal, share work or clean our room. Every bit is so lovely 🙂 An extra holiday s like an extra toppings on our ice cream 😉 Last holiday Ishaan tried to make a face with ketchup and it looks like this

Mickey Mouse Dose


Reciting Hanuman Chalisa


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Being from an orthodox family, I have been thought to recite many slokas, small mantras and many more. I love to recite “Hanuman Chalisa”. It is a devotional hymn adressed to Lord Sree Hanuman. Ishaan recites everyday with me since he was 3.5 yrs old 🙂 Continue reading