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Recently, my cousin run a school in India, had posted an activity on FaceBook. I wanted Ishaan to do it. He enjoyed doing it. Writing alphabets is fun. There are many ways which I came across on net and my favorite Pinterest.

  1. Sand Alphabets:
    Draw alphabets with glue on paper and sprinkle fine sand on it. Later dust the paper to remove the excess sand. Many kids love sand.
  2. Road Alphabets:
    Cut the paper in alphabets shape and enjoy with the kids driving their toy car on it. By driving they learn the alphabet forms.
  3. Powder writing:
    Take a tray, pour some amount of powder covering the complete tray. With your kids, from your pointer finger write alphabets. Once finished, just shake the tray and write again 🙂 You can use any powder which does not harm the kids.
  4. Chalk piece or crayon writing:
    Take a slate or erasable writing boards, Draw an alphabet and ask the kid to re-write on it few times. This improves concentration to write on your lines and get a grip of holding the chalkpiece. I prefer chalkpiece because it is easy to clean or wipe and write again. Not messy like markers or any other material.

Likewise there are many ways to teach alphabets. Choose the suitable method for your kids and teach. They learn it faster.