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Yesterday Ishaan refused to have breakfast and left to school. His short time break box was also not finished. By the time I went to pick him from school, he was telling stomach pain, which was due to gastritis. Even we elders face the same if we don’t eat on time.

This problem needs to be rectified in many ways.

  1. We need to provide an alternate breakfast if the child does not like the dish we have cooked. So “Cook what they like” ☺
  2. Ask them to have cut fruits or dry fruits, in sufficient quantity if it is at home.
  3. Prepare simple wheat dosa and make them eat when no time to prepare dishes.
  4. Ask them to have fruit juice instead starving at school.

There are many alternatives. So we need to plan well. If in case kids are already suffering, we have to follow few things

  1. Do not give anything spicy when they have stomach pain.
  2. Do give Hot water, lemon with salt and sugar.
  3. Ask them to eat chikki (groundnut with jiggery sweet). It helps in reducing gastritis.
  4. Can have any fruit juice.
  5. Eat in small quantities, or else they will puke.
  6. Apply coconut oil to the affected area (stomach).

Take care of their health as well your’s. ☺