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Holidays are round the corner. We need many plans to keep the kids occupied. We can plan for field trips. They are fun.

I have a list of places to take Ishaan this holiday. These listed are located in Bangalore, India.

  • Zoo / Bannerghatta Park – It is a zoo with so many birds, animals, reptiles and many more. It is one of the oldest in Bangalore.
  • Lal Bagh – It is a beautiful huge park with lake, mountain, so many trees and a botanical garden inside. It has a nursery (Plant Nursery) we can visit and buy seeds / flower plants, etc. It is a nice place to visit the sunrise early morning. Outside there are people selling fresh fruits and vegetable juices which are good for health.
  • Nehru Planetarium – Ishaan loves Rocket, planets, universe. So I thought this will give him a better picture. They have special shows each day. I am sure it will be lot of fun.
  • Cubbon Park – It is a lovely bushy green big park with lots of old trees everywhere. It has a train tour for kids and parents inside the park for a fun ride.
  • Gallery – Any gallery visits will help them know what it is about. Learn about a subject, Artist and many more. It develops interest in making the master pieces 🙂
  • Indoor Play Area – There are many indoor play areas coming up in Bangalore. Nearest is Kidzadda in Banashankari, his favourite place.
  • Video Games Unit – There are many malls which has video games or many other games unit for kids to play. One I want to take Ishaan is VR Mall.
  • Tippu Fort – This is oldest fort located in the market. It is a place which even I have to visit 🙂
  • Fruits / Vegetable / Flower Market – This will be a very nice place to visit and teach them about many fruits and vegetables. We can even buy few when getting back home. We even learn about different flowers and learn.

Likewise make a list where you can visit your nearby places and join the fun while teaching. Happy Holidays 🙂