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Back in India, we have not bought a car seat for Ishaan. Ishaan has lost the interest of sitting alone in the car 😦 Car seat is such a useful thing to buy if you own a car. In India, we carry more people in a 5 seater car. We usually ignore the baby and make them sit on our lap. This is the worst thing what anyone can do or follow. Baby car seat is a must.

Car seat should be of a good quality. Many are available in the market. Choose the one comfortable for the kid and your pocket. It can mostly be used till they are 5-6 years. Than later better to start using it early. It helps the baby to learn sit alone in his/her seat. Seat belt is a must, so they get used to it. For long journeys they won’t sit on your lap and you get pain. Also useful when an alone parent driving a car with the baby.

I am looking forward to buy a car seat soon this new year 🙂