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Teaching colours is fun. Online we can find lot of ways to introduce colours. The easiest way I feel is to gather any one colour objects a day. Let’s think about “Red”. So I show multiple objects in red colour to the kid the same day. For example: Red cap, Red toy, Red napkin, Red ball, Red cricket bat, and many more. This way in a weeks time we can cover many colours. Basic colours like Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Green, Orange, Brown can all be covered.

Next step will be more often asking the kid what colour is your T-shirt? what is your shoe colour? What is your spoon colour? Later we can ask them to use colours to colour the pictures. This method can be used in schools or home. As parents we can even teach them while we are interaction our kids. This way it is easy and faster for the kid to grasps lot of things we teach.

red objects

Keep teaching while learning 🙂