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Mathematics is my favourite subject. But how do I make Ishaan understand the subject. If not for marks (in Indian mentality) counting (Add/subtract/divide/multiple/percentage) is important for life. How do I bring him some interest for the subject? While thinking I got few ideas which I will be sharing here in this article. Easy way to teach kids love Maths.

First I started with counting daily used objects/things like fruits or vegetables in the basket, count his pencils or count when tidying his toys. Soon it was easy to count till 10. Then I started slowly with counting steps up and down. So now he counts till 50 🙂

Soon later I wanted to teach him addition so I used Dice (Dominos). I ask him to roll it twice, ask the numbers and add the same so we get the total. I repeat the same after him. So this became a play for him. Now he is understanding addition and shows interest to learn while playing. We can teach subtraction as well. For big numbers we can use 2 Dice at a time. For divide I am planning to fruits or vegetables where they will know 1,  1/2, 1/4, 3/4 etc.

Likewise I have so many plans and will keep updating you same. Enjoy teaching while playing and keep adding 🙂