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In my last post I had explained about “Annaprashana“. Like way this is about “Aksharabhyaasa” – An Indian Ritual which is still followed by the believers. It is a way and a start point for all the parents to teach kids how to write. 

This is performed in front of Goddess Saraswathi in Koodli, Shringeri and Kollur. Parents take their babies and perform this ritual. Some people even do it in Kodachadri. It is usually performed between 2-3 years of age.

Koodli – it is a very small temple which is not so well maintained but believed that the goddess is residing there all year except Navaratri Festival.

Sringeri – A well known religious temple in India also perform this all year but people believe that Goddess is present only in Navaratri here. Yet whole year there are always people  visiting this temple 🙂

Kollur – All year this is performed. It is another famous religious temple known for its power in Goddess and believing the power is the main for some magic to happen in anybody’s life. Here it is specially performed in Saraswathi Mandir.

It is performed with rice in a plate (spread all over). Take a turmeric kombu (stick) and write on the plate holding the child’s hand

Sanskrit “Shree”
Sanskrit “Om”
“Shree Ganeshaayay Namaha” (Can be written in your own Language)
“Shree Shaaradaambayay Namaha” (Can be written in your own Language)
“Shree Saraswathayay Namaha” (Can be written in your own Language)
“Shree Gurubhoy Namaha”  (Can be written in your own Language)

Then the child will be blessed with the priest, kept kumkum in front of Goddess idol and will be gifted with the Goddess Photo Print.

People / Parents believe that one who performs this ritual, the child will study well 🙂 Recently we performed this ritual for Ishaan in all three places. Feel so blessed and hope for the good for Ishaan.

At the end it depends on the parents interest and belief to follow all these. After we perform this we hold child’s hand and teach him/her to write. Happy evening 🙂