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 Once the baby is 5 months old with Naming ceremony we Indians do Annaprashana (Anna means Rice, prashana means start) – An Indian ritual which is been followed by most of the families for the baby.

We keep variety of food in a plate. And baby’s dad will make the baby taste all food items by dipping it in a gold ring. The baby has to taste (lick) the food. This is even done for a year baby by few people.  Speciality is we prepare 5 types of rice items for this occasion. It will be mostly sweet items like jaggery rice, curd rice, plain rice with daal, 2 sweet items. Also all special items served to the baby plate which is prepared. After the baby is given taste of food, the whole family gets together for lunch 🙂

The main reason it is performed is “let the baby start eating”. Mother milk is minimum given for a year incase if the mother is not working. It is a ritual where we pray to Goddess Annapoorneshwari Maatha “Let my baby be provided good food all time and stay healthy by your blessings. Let the child have no eating problems.”

For Ishaan we performed on an auspicious day at home. Yummy food was prepared and served in a silver plate and cups (as per your status).

Anna Prashana Ritual