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Everyone loves Krishna. He is believed to be an real super hero in the mythological stories. He is loved since his time in dwaraka. Mother love Yashodha and Krishna is also a famous duo which is been remembered. In Indian tradition most of the people, for a baby (girl / boy) we dress them as Krishna at a earlier age.

The joy of dressing your kid as him is such a delightful event to perform for all mothers. Now a days ready made Krishna costumes are available OR It is a simple way to tie a piece of cloth to your baby and enhance with other jewels. Most important is the peacock feather on the head and flute in his hand. As not many people used to have camera at home they used to take them to a studio and get a picture which will be restored for many years in the family. Even till date it is been followed.

Recently we had a photo shoot for my son before we gave his head shave to our home god. It was a full day event for us to hire the costumes with jewels. Call everyone and dress him up. It was awesome 🙂


At the end everyone wants and feels the baby as Krishna – who rules the world!