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Vegetables are essential for our life. They should be fresh. I try to give my son as much as 1-2 cups of vegetables daily.

  1. Cucumber – I cut pieces of cucumber, add a pinch salt and serve OR cut small pieces and prepare kosambari (typical Indian Salad) with seasoning
  2. Carrot – Grate and seasoning with pinch salt + green chillies OR Boiled small cut pieces and seasoning with pinch salt
  3. Potato – Boiled potato with pic salt, sliced thin
  4. Tomato – Cut tomato, remove seeds and sprinkle sugar /honey on it. I also use it boiled and grinder mixture as a base for my gravy.
  5. Raddish – Grate them thin, add pinch salt, add curds and serve (optional – can add seasoning)
  6. Beetroot – Grate, add salt and eat as a salad OR boil cut pieces of beetroot, add salt, seasoning and serve OR drink the boiled water of beetroot with pinch salt. Tastes great!
  7. Leaves – I use them mostly as a gravy and use as base with other vegetables OR Methi Leaves/Coriander Leaves/Curry Leaves – prepare a dry play and mix with rice to prepare Bhaath and serve with Raitha
  8. Broccoli – Dry Gravy
  9. Cauliflower – Manchurian is the best way OR parata (flat stuffed Indian Bread)
  10. Baby Corn – Manchurian is the best way. I also use it in most of the gravy.
  11. Corn – Boiled, with salt and chilli powder is my son’s favourite
  12. Peas – Boiled peas with pinch salt and chaat masala
  13. Sweet Potato is also superb – Boiling with salt
  14. Onions – Cut thin slice and make them eat specially when they have cold OR as bajji. I also use it grinder mixture as a base for my gravy.
  15. Capsicum – Mostly use for all gravy OR use in a bhaath (rice)

Garlic and Ginger are also very essential as a vegetable. I use mostly the paste of these in most of the dishes I prepare 🙂 Hope him for a good health always.