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List of teaching things to Ishaan is growing. Everyday I am getting lot new ideas to teach him and make a note of each in the spread sheet.

  1. Months of the Year
  2. Days of the Week
  3. Animals
  4. Birds
  5. Nature
  6. Family Member Names
  7. Means of Transport
  8. Things around house
  9. Daily using items in the house
  10. Cars (Their interest)
  11. Drums (He likes to be a drummer)
  12. Alphabets (Regional Language as well)
  13. About Them
  14. Planets of the Solar System
  15. Homes of Animals
  16. Continents of the World
  17. Slokas (Sanskrit)
  18. Growing a plant from a seed and water them daily

Mother’s can be all busy with them. At the end I want him to be a good human being 🙂