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Daily eating habits is very important in today’s life. I would not like him if he intake more junk foods. So I have done my best to have a constant eating habits from his young age. He eats a piece of chocolate, a cake, cucumber salad, a small carrot a day, milk, lots of curds (his favourite), ghee/butter with white rice or in any food prepared, sprouts/cereals, chapati, fruit jam, biscuits, chips, bread and jellies 🙂 A fruit a day and a small portions of dry fruits as well.

Last and not the least I see that he will eat all in a limit. He will get only what I give. I sometimes try not to show him the junk food packs just to avoid himself buying from the stores. Hope he is just having all right portions 🙂 I want him to be healthy and not bothered if he is lean ❤