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Ishaan know the number from 1 till 30 by Oral. But when his teacher told me to try a different way, he was not able to answer. So the way we teach needs to be in many kinds so that they are good with numbers how ever you ask them. Even Alphabets when I show any letter to him, he used to answer the word than telling me what alphabet it is. 

Numbers –

  1. Prepare bags of different numbers and the same numbers on any cardboard. Ask the kid to match the numbers to their respective pouches.
  2. Keep numbers cards till 5. Ask the kids to hand over the card after No.3. So the need to give No.4 card to you. Later you can extend till 10 Numbers.
  3. In blocks ask them to count how many green color blocks are there out of 10 pieces. How many red? Yellow? and so on…

Like this for Numbers she told me lot of different ways to teach and know how much he knows about numbers.

Alphabets –

  1. We can use the wooden blocks which we get in shops OR prepare it on a card board on your own. And ask them to read / printout particular alphabet you ask.
  2. Try to teach them 4-5 alphabets a day. Repeat the word showing the alphabet sheets when you think he is alert and will learn.
  3. Use different colours / pictures of words highlighting the alphabets to grab their attention to see what we are trying to teach them.

Play. Teach. Have Fun. Let’s teach them all good while playing 🙂