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Many times have been hearing mothers say “My child is not eating well”. Ishaan too many a times doesn’t eat well. Have tried a few steps to overcome this (Another article: Tips for moms whose babies not eating food)

  • At first, know what is he/she is fond of? Sweet dishes, baked potato, milk, choose one and try to prepare a dish out of it. They might like it.
  • Stop forcing them to eat further when they say no and don’t want something. It might lead to continue stop eating for many days further.
  • Try to give them a different taste of new food, which is not tasted before. Can be a pasta, pizza, any Indian recipe, exactly opposite to what you cook at home.
  • It is fine to give them a break and give just what they like, Eg: Just cut fruits for a meal / Just dosas for the whole day. But try to make a twist with dry fruits, cut fruits and milk OR different kinds of dosas if they like. It might build their interest back and join back to the right eating track.
  • Give a physical exercise to burn energy and try to make them tired. They might eat better later.

Hope any of the shared ideas works out for you 🙂 Keep trying for new ways to make them eat better. Last but not the least, please DO NOT force them to eat. I say it is a wrong way to handle eating habits.