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Hello all, “Teaching while Playing” is the best and most effective way to teach toddlers. Sometimes I follow, search for lot new ideas and ways to teach my son. Recently I came across lot of links, toddler activities, make charts for fun and teach them. I wanna make myself many for my son.

We can teach seasons, shapes, counting, alphabets, many more. Recently I came across few links which bought me so many ideas to teach my son. I say it is cost effective too. I am waiting to make few for my son and post you soon. Few links are as follows:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3 – Loved it because mostly home things are used. Improves fine motor skills of our son.

We can get lot more on YouTube.
Share  your ideas and let’s teach them the easy way 🙂

Cheers!! to all lovely mothers.
Have Fun!