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Weekend was a little boring because of the weather in Coventry. We decided to go to a nearby park. Last time when we went my son was hesitating to play himself. We were too not sure of many things there, as few play differs a lot compared to India. Parks are lovely. Can spend time till u feel tired playing with your kids or themselves. Play ground Rocks!

We went to the park with a Basket Ball. We thought him how to play, bounce the ball and throw it to the basket. Even he tried playing, looking up to the basket, throw the ball, but didn’t even pass his height 😛

Overall, we enjoyed a lot with him. There were lot of kids playing around. He was motivated to play himself and slide down many times 🙂 We enjoyed every moment with him, watching and playing with him. Mostly they burn a lot of energy when in play ground.


I feel their growth improves, get more stamina, improves resistant power, drink lots of water, eat better, sleep better. It is worth taking them to play ground to play at any time in a day. Few moments with him,

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