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Hello everyone, today I am excited to talk about the play groups which I take my son to. It’s exciting for me as well to take him as I have made few friends there 🙂 It is inside a school, cost effective and amazing instructors! Play groups are fantastic!

Well the play which I take Ishaan is paid on every session, once in a week. It provides play toys, blocks, animals, electronic play toys, baby toys, toddler toys, transport toys, peppa pig family, and many more. It has a variety of people getting their kids and spending time. They even have a wonderful instructors as well 🙂 They are sweet, encouraging and supporting to all parents and kids.

I am happy with the play group for many reasons, It refresh kids mind, play activities in a group, painting / collage / art activities for kids to improve their creativity, a platform to talk to other kids, they can learn to play / speak / convey watching each other, share things among, last but not the least, have fun, fun and fun!

Me being from India, I feel happy and Thank the play group to give us an opportunity to take our kids as well to join them and learn things from them 🙂 The way you guys teach is so wonderful and from a different perspective of ideas.

Thank You once again.