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It was first time when we took Ishaan on a train journey, from Coventry to Birmingham last week. Otherwise he has travelled in the flight to UK and in auto, car, jeep in Bangalore. I think he had a very strong impact of airplane travelled Or he really thought it was an airplane as it was the seating made him him think. It was first time in his airplane train experience 😉

It was people around watching him for his mischievous behavior, his smile, tendency to talk to others in the railway station and few who ignored us. But he was all excited to travel and we had been taken him to a new place. He was so sleepy but did not sleep. He asked 101 questions, same questions repeated. For some reason even the trains were cancelled 😦 to make it more worse.

Till we got into the train, he was awake, curious, and yes so tired. It was I think only me who got a seat when we got into the train. It was so jam packed compartments. Thank God, and Ishaan off to sleep and got up only when he was outside the station in Birmingham.

While coming back to Coventry, he was again all excited and did not sleep. We infact skipped a train as it was standing again. It was a good idea of my husband, as we got a fast train back home. It was empty, lot of place to sit too.

Ishaan wanted a whole sit next to me, did not let his father take him on his lap. He saw to n fro of the train from this end to other. Spoke to all almost who were watching him. Smiled at them. Was curious to know what’s around. Where he was? What he was travelling in? What were the buttons for? He got down from the seat and again sat so many times. He posed for a picture to his dad who was sitting opposite to us.

After all the excitement, when we came home and asked him his journey? How was it? Ishaan said “The journey in the Airplane was superb!” 😉 And we laughed thinking he is so cute. Told him it was a train.