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Hello to all dear readers, In this article I would like to tell you a cute little story of my son’s own creation. He has started speaking a lot, questioning or trying to say all the words he know at once. It is really such a nice phase of our life and I get the maximum fun as I am presently working at home.

As he is all time around us, babies observe a lot. He watch me cooking in the kitchen, washing clothes, cleaning house. He watch his dad checking cars on the net, any other program, we watch painting on the net, real matches, car race, animal documentaries…

He is usually given chapathi with jam roll sometimes at night.

One day, when we were about to sleep, he started saying he will cook for me and my husband. We said OK. He is actually fond of Mixy. He said with actions, took a mixy, added little salt, sugar and grind the mixture. Later when asked again, he  said he added water to it and grind again. After sometime, he said he added peach to it, grinded well. He applied it to the chapathi and he rolled it to serve us 😛 Actually it made us so happy watching him. We ate and we said it was so tasty. He had a big smile on his face 🙂

We wished and prayed god for him to be so good all time.

It’s amazing when we see them grow, learn and create lot of cute memories for the rest of our life.