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Stories to share and learn is a “passing on message” what I have heard!

This is an incident where the family is all set to go outing. It was a beautiful sunny day started. The family was all ready. The mother was busy carrying the buggy downstairs. The father was busy cleaning the inside warm cushion of the buggy. The baby was trying to be independent, he was clever, he was a sweetheart to many, just do things beyond his age.

The main door was open and father and the baby boy standing outside. Mother moving downstairs, baby boy started climbing down stairs which neither of them noticed. Just 2nd step, he rolled down for almost 6-7 steps down, bumped his head straight away when the mother and father were in a still, not knowing what to do?

Lessons what I learnt from this incident was:

  • First take care of the baby and then everything else counts.
  • Decide first who is doing what and carrying the baby? then open the main door.
  • Blow the baby ears first, before doing anything else.
  • Avoid getting busy with our own things to do list.

After all he/she is our baby 🙂 They are everything to us in this world.