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Stories to share and learn is a “passing on message” what I have heard!

Just few days back, my husband’s colleague left UK in a hurry. Just booked tickets to India and rushed home to pack. Nobody could understand for few hours, what was happening. For him it was the father feeling horrible about his baby boy (could be 1-2 yrs old). We are yet to know the complete story in detail, but the fact we got the information was horrifying.

I was told by my husband, that the baby boy was too mischeous, cranky to what he needs, he should have it, not listening to his parents (mom). He used to stay in the kitchen mostly. He was very playful. Mother had boiled some hot water for the baby and don’t know exactly where it was lying, the mother went off to sleep while looking after her baby. The baby boy had pulled down the hot water on him, the first skin layer on his stomach was burnt 😦 and only when he was crying the mother woke up.

Hope they are doing better now.

Lessons / warnings what I learnt from this incident is:

  • Never sleep if the baby is not sleeping.
    (As I am an Indian, I come to UK for short term work, we don’t follow all good things followed in UK (eg: crib)
  • Always close the door while inside a bed room or any place, where we can see our baby at any corner.
    (It also prevents him from going to any other place)
  • Keep less things as much possible in the house.
    (Any object which we feel it might hurt the baby – at least not at his reach)
  • Keep things far near the wall and not to the edge of a shelf / table.
  • Be more extra careful with the hot things at home.

Hope the story shared helped and learnt few things to be EXTRA alert!