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Huh! All day looking after a child is not an easy job. According to me it is more difficult than working in an office. But if you have a helping hand you, will definitely feel easy 🙂 I have made Ishaan do small little things for me from past few days and now have made it a practise, so it is easy. Baby’s little thing helps, it is in our hand to make it a habbit!

I started with, he keeping his water bottle in place, on the table. Keep his books back in the below drawer. His toys in a box given, before he goes to sleep OR when he is not playing with it for long. He even knows now where to keep his jacket and cap when he back home from outside 🙂 I have told him where is the dustbin at home, so he goes and throws the wrapper / any paper / tissue in it after use.

He even helps me getting things from the basket to put them for wash and later to hang them for drying. He keeps his shoe in place with the socks inside it. My God! He is growing fast..

Like this all small things helps me to keep things in place rather lying down for me to clean the mess. So parents, do make it a habbit! While teaching them, make your work easier and stressful at the end of the day 🙂

Have a nice day!