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I traveled with my one year old son, from India to UK. It was a nice first journey with my son 🙂 Traveling so far with a flight change in Delhi, we thought it wold be difficult. But with  Ishaan it was easy and nice 🙂 We had a happy flight, though it was a  4-5 hrs delay. Here I would like to share few tips which helped me when traveling with a toddler.

Firstly I was suggested by a family friend who keeps traveling to-fro from UK to India to keep our luggages less and Ishaan (toddler’s) more.

I carried few food items in doubt, if they will let in the flight. But to be lucky it was allowed 🙂 So I didnt had to starve Ishaan in the flight delay. We even tried for food in the airport which was just too expensive and not so good. Even in the flight when the food was served, mostly he used to sleep. Later it was what food i had carried helped me a lot to keep his tummy full 🙂 For toddlers traveling first time, wont or might not like the food / puddings which they offer.

I had a handy small bag where I kept 1-2 diapers, small wet tissue pack, rash cream and face cream (packed separate). This helped me in not taking the whole bag to the rest room to change for Ishaan, rather a small bag when in need.

As Ishaan was an infant, I had to make him sit on my lap for the whole journey. As I am lean I did not find it difficult. I could change my positions and sit comfortably. For some parents it will be helpful if the babies / toddlers sleep well in the flight.

Even carrying few of his favorite toys in my bag helped us keep him engaged throughout the journey.

Do share an other tips if you have, which might help other parent 🙂