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Hello everyone,
OMG! It been so long since I have visited my blog. So I thought I shall share you the links which I teach Ishaan. You can too use it to teach your toddler.

When I was searching online for few good videos to teach my son, I was not that very happy with all the links I found. There are so many links but yet few are awesome to share and watch with kids 🙂 Here are few below links,

  1. Mother Goose Ryhmes
    I would to say that they are the best I have come across to teach ryhmes for our toddlers 🙂 On youtube too we can find many. You guys rock!!
  2. Appu Series Sound Animals
    I would say the animation done is a lot better which I found. It is quite OK for the toddlers to learn how do the animals sound? (Link)
  3. Appu Series Fruits
    I loved these individual fruits animation and the rhyme for wach is done 🙂 they are amazing I felt. But the drawback which I felt was the second half videos have no sound for our toddlers to sing along, which I don’t think they can OR may be the age target made by them is higher. (Banana Ryhme / Apple Ryhme, like these we can find many individual links found on youtube)

My son Ishaan, loves most of the videos which I show 🙂 I have just tried to share a few links.
Hope it will help you too. Enjoy!