Ishaan, babies I think are mirror reflectors. At home Ishaan is growing faster, trying to speak, act, react for every moves of people around him. He tries to act or repeat what we do, speak or any action made. He is I say a Genious! Though we feel happy about things developing in him, we should equally be careful while dealing things when a baby is at home.

The mirror reflectors, babies are the beautiful memories too to capture. They leave us in tears in some situations. When my mother in law was applying ointment for me on the nose for some injury, Ishaan was reminded of his grandpa having leg pain. He went to his grand mother and told to apply ointment for him too 🙂 See babies I think can understand things faster and better. Infact we were all shocked and happy for the concern shown at this age. He has started to be a kind human. We hope him to be a better person of all good qualities from all of us and follow what is good to the society.

And now that he is started, trying to speak, he tries to repeat all the words we speak. We have to look for him and speak all correct words and good words. He has the hold of all of us controlling what we are not suppose to do in front of babies. He is controlling us in a good way. As babies are mirror reflectors we got to watch our actions and reactions when a baby is at home. Only then we can bring them up in a good way.