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Few of the Tips for moms whose babies not eating food…

  1. From first try not to give them junk foods. Half of the problem is solved 🙂
  2. Keep a track on their likes and dislikes when they start eating.
  3. Make them sit in one place and eat. (Prefer some high table as they can’t get down till they finish or window where he can see things outside and eat) It makes life easy to feed him food when we can narrate what things are happening around through the window.
  4. Keep them active, try to make them use their energy for them to get hungry and eat well.
  5. Do provide what the babies want to eat (say curd rice all three times a day) – But add boiled veggies one time, dal with curd rice another time, etc..
  6. Do let them try eating on their own. Do provide them a spoon / teach to eat in hand by making small bits of food prepared accordingly.
  7. Do try new ways of cooking for your child.
  8. Do watch online or TV channels like FoodFood channel for more cooking styles. Bacha Party, Style Chef many other programs are very nice for us to learn and try for our babies.
  9. If you feel they are too young to eat something, Do keep a recipe book, so we can cook when they grow up 😉
  10. Keep trying seasonal fruits smashe / juice / cut pieces for them.
  11. Avoid eating anything in front of them if you think it cannot be eaten by them. If they think what you eat and what you give them is different, then they won’t eat properly.
  12. At the beginning, babies are shabby when they are trying to learn eating. So do not mess it up! Get angry. Give them a chance. Let them first learn eating 🙂
  13. Using a bib for babies, helps us keep them in good manner. Dress is in a better conditioner.
  14. When babies ask, do give things what you are eating in a soft texture way. (evening snacks for my family, I give it to Ishaan too, but what he can from that bowl)
  15. Once they start eating, do provide them with good amount of water. It helps them to digest better.Hope the above few helps you to keep your babies on track..