Babies want new taste every time. They get bored of eating, drinking, depending on their moods. Do not force them to eat. Keep them busy, walking, dancing, anything which makes them use their energy and get hungry most often. Do give them food in small sufficient portions, 5-6 times a day. Babies eating habbit needs to be checked all time.  

Ishaan used to like cerelac for few days. He stopped eating quite long time back, not even when he was a year old. He is little more excited with sweets, sometimes with gravy (gojju) which we prepare for rice. He like’s rasam rice, sambar rice, and now he is excited in eating curd rice. So babies taste keep changing quite often.

So mom don’t lose your patience in feeding them food. Do try new things and keep them healthy 🙂  If kids at home are happy, healthy,.. we are all more happy as a family. It is all in our hand to make our life easy too. Let’s try and make them healthy babies 🙂