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Hello everyone, I would like to share you my experience with clothing in my post delivery period. Not all clothes were comfortable for me at this period. Neither my old clothes fit me 😦 I had to buy few new clothes for myself, but again not all clothes helped me all way when feeding Ishaan (at home / when out). So I am writing this for you – Post delivery clothing tip for mothers.

The advantage of using a duppatta, always keep one duppatta ready for feeding. Tie double knot at the end and form a loop. Keeping it ready has helped me when I am traveling in car. Put it across your shoulders and cover breast and baby head, feed the baby 🙂 It cannot be as simple as this.

For people in India, if you want to buy nighty (typical indian nighty-usually seen at cities / village side) avoid feeding zip nighties. I feel the size of the breast changes different for individual women depending on their weight. These nighties are not customized. So I saw one of my cousin finding it so difficult to feed the baby.

A single zip in the middle is better. For anyone while wearing any nighty, please see that the cloth is tucked properly and the baby is free to drink breast milk. Sometimes the zip touches or might poke the baby.

Kurtha’s are also better for feeding, especially when out. basically the backside of your body is also covered when you feed the baby lifting your kurtha in the front. While feeding at home we can feed turning towards the wall where no body can make out that we are feeding the baby. While wearing Kurtha, we should also see that the side open is little high, baby is not lying on it. When we are outside wearing kurtha we can cover one duppatta and feed.

The best I feel is a T-shirt or any top on jeans. Its most comfortable for me and may be for few, who always used to wear jeans before pregnant 😉 Its easy to just lift, cover ourself and the baby while feeding with a duppatta. As it is now summer and very hot in India, I wear a chudidar pyjama (lose pant) and a t-shirt on top when at home. I feel its the easiest and light to wear and feed the baby.

Feeding is easy even when we wear a saree. But I feel not when we feed right breast when the pallu is on the left and vise-versa. Only advantage is pallu left free to cover the baby when feeding. We don’t need any extra duppatta for it.

At the end you know what is the best for you to wear, while feeding 😉