Hello everyone, Ishaan has completed 10 months for today. The days have past so fast. His activities are fun to watch. His love to dad, mom, all members at home and  strangers is so adourable. We always have an eye people around him, as I would like to say not all are responsible to handle babies and try to annoy by teaching anything which is not required for them in life. He speaks to each one of them out there. He feels all are his people. Others like his finger tips play with objects, listening skills, his understanding and reactions to what we say, his little dimples on cheeks when he smiles, grabbing attention towards him,… many many more has filled our lives 🙂 So I said “My baby has grown up so fast”.

My baby Ishaan’s attention to details, the smallest things on floor, the magic we do (try to hidden things what he is looking at, which we feel he need little more time to play with), his thirst when we drink or the tendency to eat when we eat, the way he conveys all are so cute and understandable. Many people around like him a lot, love him, many people teach him music, sing for him, dance for him, teach him basics, play with him,.. and many more. I feel he is blessed.

Ishaan we love you how much ever fast you grow. You are our baby 😉