Hello all, now Ishaan is 10 months old. He has grown up so fast. Days have past soon. He likes to eat with us when we eat, plays with us, scream, shout, sing with us.. He wants food what we are eating, from our plate. Not too much after he would have eaten, he wants our food πŸ™‚ We have fed him our food. Our home food taste is medium spice. Food tasting for Ishaan is started.

He likes when he tastes food and when we ask him how the food was? he slurps!! πŸ™‚ We enjoy it all. I am trying slowly to reduce and stop feeding cerelac to him. He will have fruits smash, few vegetable smash, etc.

Parents so knowing your kids, start providing them what you eat is the best for them to digest. We are the best providers for them. Do what you feel is good for our babies.