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Ishaan is now in his 9th month. He is able to recognise his family, his toys, to sit, crawl, directions to move, stand up with support, and many more. Babies are smarter and faster than we think.Ishaan moves all place at home and grab things faster. He tries to repeat what we do. So we should always think and act or speak while babies around. They try to repeat things what we do.

Once when Ishaan was playing with his toy, I wanted to divert his mind from playing with it and keep it away from him. As he is still a baby, he usually bang things on to the floor. So when I took my mother in laws help to shift things from hand to hand and hide it from him, he saw us carefully and went back to the toy and grabbed it from our hand 🙂 We thought my god! he is so quick. We thought he did not notice us diverting him from his toy, but he was smart :):)