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Ishaan is now 7 months old. He sits in a place and plays. He has started to stand holding a pillow. All he does when he is up is do sit ups 😉He is enjoying to balance when is trying to stand still. He does stand for few seconds and stretch his arms to see if he can stand. Now it has become his routine. Push ups, gyming and yoga is all included in his daily activities.

No wonder the babies who work out well are flexible and healthy. Babies who are little fat, do find it difficult to be active. Ishaan turns and hits, try to repeat, react for all our actions. He tries to gain attention when he feels when we are not talking to him.

Everyday he has a new way of exercise in practice. We all watch him doing exercise and enjoy, sometimes laugh when we find it funny 🙂

He is gem genius baby. Love you Ishaan 🙂