Sankranthi is one of the very famous cultured festival celebrated in India. It is also know as pongal festival. It was yesterday and very special for us as Ishaan is a new born baby, his first year celebration. As Ishaan is a boy baby, we had to give silver krishna to 5 people of close families. It is a ritual which has been followed by our ancestors. Before it was a proud moment of giving birth to a baby boy. We did it not to break the ritual. Otherwise parents wanted a baby gal at home 🙂

Well, we give sugar moulds (sakkare actchu), sugarcane piece, fruit (any/banana), coconut, villedele, adike, ellu (its a mixture of fried, skin removed groundnuts, fried thill, jaggery pieces, dry coconut pieces, kadale pappu), dakshina, kudike (earthen small pots with cut small pieces of elachi fruit, paisa, sugarcane, avare kaalu) and silver krishna. Since it is first year we gave it. It was a very nice experience with Ishaan.

We even give turmeric powder and any fruit as in increased quantity every year till 5th year. I gave bananas. We do all these as vrathas for all the good for our husband and family.

We even did something called “bore’ eliyodu”. In a silver bowl we fill it with paisa, elachi fruit, sugarcane pieces. Then cover the baby face, and pour down the silver bowl mixture from the baby head to toe. It is actually meant for the other young kids to collect the paisa. Unfortunately we had no kids whom we could call. I shall want to know the secret behind this. Why it is been followed for many many years till date (at least by few).

Soon I shall write about it again. Till then enjoy time with our fast growing babies 🙂