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Hello, today I would like to thank the toy conceptualizers, creators, manufacturers for kids. We have many variety of toys available. I prefer and feel the actual in reality games are much better  than computer games. My favorite is carrom, chess, snake and ladder, ludo, lego builders, ice-pice, lagori, goli, and many more.. Most of them mentioned are urban plays. Well for Ishaan one of our friend has gifted him a car. Ishaan car is very nice. I like the toy concept behind it, which I would like to share with you all.The car is made of plastic. It’s a blue high tech car. Quite handy, heavy, bigger for Ishaan 🙂 It has white headlights, red wheels, passengers at the back (printed image). It is a moving car. It is mainly designed for when the baby starts walking. It has a puller thread in the front. Baby has to pull the car and walk or move in the front. I have seen many toys with this concept but wanted to share what’s with my son.

When the car is pulled from the front, the driver image changes. It is so nice for anyone to enjoy 🙂 It actually place an important role. If it was only one image, it would be boring. So I like this one. Just today I opened it for Ishaan to play with 🙂