Hello everyone, hmmm long time as Ishaan keeps me busy all time and have to keep an eye on him all 24/7. Well It was the first time on last Saturday 5th of Jan 2014, when Ishaan fell from the cot. Indian beddings especially when the babies are made sleep next to us we should be extra careful. But first time it was a disaster.

In India we have no furnished carpets all over the house like in UK. Our dear babies start to move on crawling.. we should always try to keep them on floor on a huge thick bedded carpets. so they have lots of space to move on the carpet all over. Every time we should be so careful that anyone should always be with them.

It was just then when Ishaan had slept. Everyone at home were busy in cleaning the house. All being so busy, me and mother in law were standing in the balcony with the door open. Our house is on the main road, we could not hear Ishaan crying. When I saw him he was lying on the floor crying so much that he was shivering. My heart beat had stopped for a second. Later he continued to cry for almost 3 mins. But I was crying for almost 15 mins. It was not so easy for me to take it. Soon didn’t know what to do we took him to the hospital nearby. He has a blood clot on his forehead and had swelling even on left eye. Hopefully after speaking to the doctor we felt better. Nothing major. We were told to watch for 48 hours. Then incase of any problem just visit again.

After that day we had a talk to other parents regarding the incident. They told us that it is common and few of their kids as well had fallen. Need not worry so much. We have to be more careful from now so that the incident won’t repeat.

Sharing thoughts with other parents helped us. So let’s keep sharing.. Take Care