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Ishaan is now almost completing 6 months. Doctor suggested me to start with cerelac with one spoon twice a day as his weight was little less. It’s a mix feeling being a mother if he is getting sufficient breast milk. But, as suggested, I started to feed him cerelac. Its a challenge to mix the cerelac with no lumps. Till now I have been a failure to mix it without a single lump. When eating Ishaan try to eat by himself 🙂 He tries to snatch the bowl, spoon from which he is eating… So I said, Baby eating time is the fun time.Ishaan while eating, he sometimes feel sleepy. His eyes are almost closing. His actions of moving his hands and legs are fast. He has his own facial expressions to express the taste, enjoyment of eating. His cerelac mushy face 🙂 huh! its all so much of fun to experience. I make Ishaan sit in his bouncer swing chair. I use a bib for him, cover his legs with a napkin. Use a spoon to feed him cerelac. He acts so energetic after eating. Many times he has spill the cerelac on his clothes, my hands, his legs, on bed etc. Its a mess 😦

Enjoy each and all time with your dear babies 🙂 Have fun at eating time too.