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Hello, today I would like to share you my thoughts and uses of duppata(s). When giving away my old salwar dresses I had re-stored my cotton duppatta(s). Now when my baby Ishaan was born I had the maximum usage of it. Trust me its very helpful. So store your cotton duppatta(s).Well, before he was born I had got all the duppatta(s) ready to use. Had washed it well before hand. More often usage of these had made them soften. I use these as a carpet while massaging Ishaan. I even use it as an apron. I tie one end behind my neck and other end fold & pin it behind my waist. As I am little short it covers me properly. So make him sleep on my legs covered and massage him.

Other than duppatta(s) I use soft cotton panche (dhotis) to cover him replacing diapers. These dhotis are white and clean. So I use it for Ishaan. I have cut them into suitable sizes of square. I fold them into a triangle and tie as a diaper. This way, it has reduced his rashes, redness in his butt (which usually happens when babies wear diapers for long time). These I use when at home.

These duppatta(s) are so long, soft and easy to carry. I use for covering myself and feeding him when we are out and in car. I even use it as a waste cloth if I have to wipe his butt, or any his loo on the floor. For me duppatta(s) have become a multi-purpose functional 🙂 So do store cotton duppatta(s) and use them the best to your needs.