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After birth of the babies, we keep ourself busy trying to understand them, learning how to look after them, feeding them, and all very busy in our own world. Days will just flew. Now Ishaan is 5 months old. He is keeping me more busy than before, as he has started crawling little by little. He turns on his back, moves forward, express what he wants, what he is feeling, all geting better day by day. It was a WOW! feeling…When few days back, he started with single expression words as aa.., ee.., oo.., etc. But the moment when he first time called me amma (mother in kannada language) It was a WOW! feeling for me. Now that he keeps calling me few times, I can’t forget the first time voice 🙂 It’s always a memory. He has now even called appa twice last week. It made us so happy that it can only be an experience.

Parents just sit back, wait and watch how fast our babies will grow. Enjoy each and every moment. Overall make it a fantastic journey.