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Hello everyone, I am back after quite long time. Well, today I would like to share you the importance of ear piercing for babies in Indian customs. We being an orthodox family, we follow most of the Indian customs which our ancestors have followed. Baby ear piercing, wheather its a boy or a girl, khada for legs with silver little heavy gejje (leg chain which is heavy and makes noise) and many others are few traditions followed to name a few.Well usually for babies we pierce ear at the early few days after birth. For few babies on 11th day / on the good day of 2nd or 3rd month. It is said that, early we pierce, less the baby will be in pain. There is a special ear ring which is available in the market for babies. It is specifically called “Muru”. Babies ear are directly pierced from the ear ring and locked back. Main reason for piercing is: It helps the baby from any skin disease by birth. Yet few of us still follow.

We even put on a little heavy weight on the babies leg when they are sleeping. It is for the legs to get some strength. Few of these are mostly not much followed by every one. It depends on the babies parents. Few feel that the babies are not comfortable, so they don’t follow.

At the end it’s for all the good for our babies. It’s about our individual expressions from our ancestors experiences.