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Ishaan now in his 4th month, I am more happy with him now a days. I get to spend lot of time than before. His sleeping hours has reduced and changed in a pattern where we both get sufficient sleep at night. Actions and reactions are so much happening between us.

Babies actions and reactions are so cute and fun to look at. Ishaan reacts so well to everything we say. If he is in doubt, his reaction is like he is thinking a lot. I feel babies are like our mirrors. They act or they react as us as what we do. Sometimes if I scold him smiling, he also smiles back at me.

Now a days Ishaan ask me for my time. Being a mother, once he is up from sleep, or he is crying I first give him a hug 🙂 He feels lot better and stops crying. We have our own way of understanding. I feel it’s mainly because of spending time together.

So dear mothers, do spend as much of your time with your babies. Understand what they need and they don’t. Make them comfortable with you. Enjoy the actions and reactions as grow.