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Dear all mothers, I would like to share this mild, sweet heavy Semolina Ganji recipe with you all. It keeps me in good health and quite heavy. I am having it often after delivery. Its very easy to make. It won’t even take 5 mins to prepare. Here is the recipe for yummy semolina ganji…Ingredients required:
Fine semolina (2 Spoons)
Sugar (3-4 Spoons)
Milk (1 cup)
Ghee (1 Spoon)

How to prepare:
Keep a pan on heat. Add 1 spoon ghee and fry 2 spoons of fine semolina for a while. Keep it aside from heat. In another pan, add little water and leave it to boil. Once boiling, add the fried semolina and let it cook for a minute. Once cooked, add milk and sugar of 4 spoons and stir well. It will start to become thick. The ganji now prepared should be little liquid. once cooling, it will start to become thick.

Have it when hot and enjoy! It will keep us filling for quite long time. I used to have this instead of coffee.