Hello everyone, my son Ishaan is now 4 months old. From his 2nd month of birth I have been using an organic powder soap. Its good for his body. It removes oil applied while massaging and make him glow. I would like to share it with you.I have taken half kg of mung beans (not sprouted). Grind them well into smooth powder from the flour mill. We do not use any water to do so. It is a dry soap. In India, flour mills are easily located. I have not tried to grind them at home. We should not grind them in large quantities. It might be attacked by germs too. So best result is to store full (half kg powder) in the refrigerator. Use little by little, in small quantities when in use.

With this powder soap I use a variety called Kasturi turmeric with fresh cream and Himalaya baby soap too. I use both soaps too make him get used to the soap available in the market as he grow.

This does not suit everyone, like for my mom the powder soap did not suit. So if you try please discontinue if it is not suiting you or the baby. Best results, use it only for babies.