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As I had to travel to UK with my husband for his work, we had a new life there. Meanwhile soon later few months, I was confirmed pregnant 🙂 As we wanted our baby to take birth here in India, I had to travel back to India when I was in my 7th month of pregnancy. My husband had taken good care of me. In good health I traveled back to India. My baby fulfilled my wish 🙂Once I was back, I was given all the extra care by everyone here but I missed him a lot. As he had to finish his work he could not join me. As the days were passing, the delivery date was nearing. I started to miss him more than before. I wanted to have a candle light dinner with him before I delivered our baby. He was with me all time but at the end we thought what if I deliver the baby before he comes back to India.

My parents too took me for a candle light dinner, thinking if I will deliver the baby without fulfilling my wish. For not disappointing them, we all went. Was missing my husband to the extent.

By then the delivery date was also given. The family was waiting for the delivery of the baby, but I was waiting for my husband. I wanted him to stay with me while I was delivering the baby. Thank God he reached on Sunday 23rd of June. 24th we went for candle light dinner. Then on June 26th afternoon I delivered our baby Ishaan 🙂 We were all so happy. I was more happy that my son, waited for my wish to come true. My baby fulfilled my wish 🙂