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According to me “Patience is all what a mother is”. After delivery we have a new born baby, a new life. We have many people, different environment, many aspects, our likes, dislikes, learning new things for the baby, and lots more are surrounded to us. More than anything, in India especially i feel we have lot of people suggesting lot of things to us when pregnant and after delivery. We should have all the patience to handle all these. So practice patience.Practicing patience means to me to get prepared for the upcoming change when we will be pregnant. We should take all our strength, mind and heart to have patience. It is not possible to be 100% patient but we should try to be at our best.

When I was pregnant, I used to keep myself calm and try not to feel low. I felt it too difficult to overcome few things. I was impatient. Now after Ishaan is here, I would like to say I am managing to be patient to smile. We should be in a mind set to face all changes in smile. Patience is all about being a mother.