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We will be so happy to welcome a baby in our life. All members in the family too will be waiting. Every body’s focus will be when will the baby be delivered. When can we all play with him/her. But the major change will be for us, Mothers. Our new relationship with the baby everything changes being a mother.Our sleep reduces so much after delivery. We will have to feed the baby every 2 hours. We will need to take rest for minimum 6 weeks after delivery to recover our self from the delivery. Our eating, all work related to a mother everything changes. IEven I have experienced, whenever I sit to eat, my baby Ishaan ask me to feed. No matter if I have just few minutes before I have fed him. The feel of having a baby as a mother is great! Slowly after few months, we will get used to everything and hope we can get back to our usual routine.

But Yes! definitely everything changes a lot, being a mother.