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Hello everyone, lullaby songs are the best to make babies sleep. Being a singer, I had learnt few songs when I was pregnant. I used to practice, play and sing it to my baby from the time he was in my womb.After his birth, I used to sing him the same lullaby songs. I was surprised, he used to go off to sleep quite soon. He loves my singing. In the day light too when I sing him songs he enjoys it. Few of the songs have become his favorite. One of the song is (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwfhfblfZfA). Though it is not in our mother tongue, I like the feel of the song which is very nice. It is sung by Priya sisters. I would say nothing is a waste when you learn for our babies when the babies are in mother’s womb. So stay happy, learn and think good.

Ishaan grasps the tune and keep silent when I sing those lullaby songs for him when he is not sleeping and all night before he goes to bed. It has become my easy way of method to put him off to bed. Thanks to lullaby songs.

Dear mothers, learn, sing, enjoy lullaby songs with your babies too.