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Hello Everyone, today I would like to share you all about the vanishing ryhmes. Now a days, in India we can see very less joint families. So all our grannies old told rhymes are all vanishing too. I remember for me and my sister, my great granny used to tell stories, say rhymes and teach us short songs. But now a days, I can hardly see few with their grand children.

I was happy when I came across, “baa baaro gubacchi” album (CD of Kannada Ryhmes) specially made for this generation by Ms. M. D. Pallavi. The album has many many rhymes sung in tunes and melodious. They have even provided us a book in which all the songs are printed with beautiful illustrations for every ryhme. Its very nice.

I enjoy it too and I sing for my son Ishaan. I could even recall so many songs which I had forgotten. Your effort in getting back few of the most famous kannada ryhmes makes me feel happy. I Thank you and the team for all the effort you have taken. We look forward for any next future volumes.

So mothers, enjoy and hear it your babies.
Don’t forget Old is Gold.